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Why strengthen rotator cuff muscles?

No matter what physical condition you are in I guarantee there is something here for you. If you have had any shoulder or rotator cuff pain I want to explain exactly why you should take action now.

To strengthen rotator cuff muscles is the best action you can take to cure your own pain and stay healthy. I also want to highlight the benefits that anyone can have by taking action to strengthen cuff muscles.

That's right, even if you have not experienced any rotator cuff pain you will benefit. Taking action to improve the health of your rotator cuff will prevent the onset of a range of rotator cuff problems.

Although this information applies to everyone, I guess you're here reading this because you have a rotator cuff problem .. correct? OK let me assume I am right. What do I want? Simple, I want to help you make the correct choices to cure this thing and get your life back!

There are so many reasons to take action to strengthen rotator cuff muscles and tendons. I may miss some that are personal to you and I am sorry if I do that but I hope I can get the majority.

End Rotator cuff pain and weakness

Break the cycle!
  • 1. Your rotator cuff is weak because it gets little exercise.

  • 2. Your Humerus is not held tightly in the shoulder.

  • 3. The rotator cuff muscles get trapped, frayed and torn.

  • 4. This leads to pain

  • 5. You are more reluctant to use the shoulder.

  • 6. The muscles get weaker!

  • 7. The shoulder becomes more unstable!

  • 8. More pain ......
Can you see how simple this is?
  • . Yes, there can be complicating factors both physical and biological.

  • . Yes, people suffer traumas to the rotator cuff.

  • . Yes, people sometimes require surgery.
The answer however is always the same. Taking action to strengthen rotator cuff muscles is the only long term natural solution.

Rotator cuff surgery

Let's take a look at the only other viable option - surgery. You will see it is seldom the first option and still relies on strengthening to guarantee success.

Surgeons love to operate - fact! However, in the vast majority of rotator cuff tears, surgery, although effective, is seldom the first option they turn to, why? Simple rotator cuff tear rehab is considered to be a much better option.

There are obviously times when surgery is the best and first option. Even then a rotator cuff strengthening protocol will be devised and implemented.

Exercise will be at the heart of this protocol. The reason is simple failure to satisfactorily complete a course of rehab strengthening will reduce the effects of the surgery. Rotator cuff recovery prognosis is greatly improved by strengthening exercise.

You will be no better off for having had the surgery. You may well be worse off. One of the major reasons doctors quote for surgical failure is poor adherence to a rotator cuff strengthening protocol. That surgery just set you back over $12,000.00 can you really afford to waste that much money?

Benefits of exercise

Strengthen Rotator CuffStrength training is an important part of being physically active and should be done as a part of your overall exercise program.

You only need to incorporate strengthening exercises a few days a week to see the benefits.

Strength training isn't just about lifting weights and "bulking up".

Strength training builds muscle endurance along with muscle strength.

Benefits of strengthening your muscles include:

  • . Decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass.

  • . Toning your muscles to help you look thinner

  • . Increasing or maintaining balance and coordination

  • . Increasing or maintaining bone mineral density

  • . Reducing risk of injury

  • . Preventing muscle deterioration

  • . Increasing athletic performance

  • . Increasing ability to perform everyday activities easily
Strength training activities, such as elastic-band workouts and using weights, are important for building muscle and bone. Bones lose calcium and weaken with age, but strength training can help reverse this trend. Without strength training, a 30-year-old man can expect to lose 25% of his muscle mass by age 70 and another 25% by age 90.

The good news is that if you begin strength training you can increase your strength by 30%-100% over a period of months.

As well as making you look and feel better, the improvement translates into better performance of everyday activities.

Everything from climbing a flight of stairs to carrying things is made easier. Not just the mundane but the fun things too like playing with the children or grandchildren.

In addition, more lean body mass aids in weight control. Each pound of muscle burns up substantially more calories than its equivalent in fat. Here are just some of the benefits
  • . Lower risk of heart disease

  • . More energy

  • . Improved metabolism

  • . Better sleeping patterns

  • . Less risk from diabetes

  • . Less chance of developing chronic illnesses
This list just goes on and on..... I appreciate this is not all related to the rotator cuff but if you start to strengthen rotator cuff

muscles you will benefit in all of these areas.

Want more money?

How about this for a benefit? If you want to earn more money take action to strengthen rotator cuff muscles. May not apply to all but it may apply to you. If you do not strengthen a weak rotator cuff you may not be able to return to your former occupation.

Most people forced into a career change because of a medical condition end up earning thousands of dollars less every year. Think about that and ask yourself can I afford to lose that kind of money? Can I live on disability?

Want to play?

I can think of very few sports or games that do not require significant use of the arms. This is all about quality of life. No matter what your passion, how is life going to be without it? Can you really give it up?

Great news! We are all living longer!!

Wow that is some good news. Let's back it up with a few facts:
  • . Average life expectancy for a person born today is 96 years!

  • . If you make it to age 65 there is a 90% chance you will make 75 and 65% chance you will reach 85.

  • . By 2050 there are expected to be close to 900,000 living Americans over 100 years old. In 2000 there were only 72,000
That's the good news, or is it? What about Healthy life expectancy? Surely, there is no point looking purely at length of life - what we all want is a long healthy life.

There is a huge body of evidence that proves, for all the reasons outlined above, that if you are fit and strong you should live longer. You will also benefit from a healthy body and mind. You will remain less prone to illness both physical and mental.


If you have a rotator cuff problem or rotator cuff pain, take action to strengthen rotator cuff muscles. If you want to avoid rotator cuff problems, take action to strengthen rotator cuff muscles.

If you have had surgery, take action to strengthen rotator cuff muscles. Follow the rotator cuff strengthening protocol or rotator cuff tear rehab program. Whatever you do you will be healthier as a result.

A fitter, stronger you will also be mentally stronger. You will likely live longer, be free of illness and disease for longer, play harder, earn more money and be pain free. Who knows if it all goes to plan you may even get more "action"!

Possibly I am stretching a point? Who knows? What I am absolutely certain of is that you will see the sense in all of this. You will see the benefits for you. I hope it drives you on.

All the best

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