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Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis or rotator cuff tendinitis is exactly the same thing. The only difference is in the spelling and on which doctor made get your diagnosis.

As the person suffering I don't suppose for one minute you are concerned with the spelling. Yet it is important because it is an issue that can add a degree of confusion.

So spelling over, let me guess, you are much more concerned with the best possible rotator cuff treatment, right? You may already have been diagnosed with rotator cuff tendonitis or rotator cuff tendinitis.

You may suspect that you have rotator cuff tendonitis, I am going to stick to this one spelling from now on, or you may simply want to know more about the symptoms of tendonitis.

No matter the reason for your interest I want to provide you with all the facts about your condition. What causes cuff tendonitis and the range of symptoms of cuff tendonitis.

How rotator cuff tendonitis is diagnosed and how such things as rotator cuff mri can be used to decide the best rotator cuff treatment for you.

What is tendonitis?

rotator cuff tendonitis

At this present time just about the only thing that can be said definitively about cuff tendonitis is that it is the most common cause of shoulder pain.

Everything else from exactly what causes it through to its diagnosis and treatment remain the subject of much debate.

Let's be fair, if the so called experts can't agree on how to spell, it what hope is there in them agreeing anything else?

The long term accepted theory is what I want to discuss here. I have devoted more time to other theories and causes in the other sections on calcific tendonitis, rotator cuff bursitis and rotator cuff tendinopathy.

The generally accepted view is that cuff tendonitis is caused by irritation and inflammation of the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles. It tends to have an acute (sudden) onset. There is often a specific preceding injury. It can happen because of recent overuse of the shoulder. For example, it can occur in athletes, particularly those who participate in throwing sports.

rotator cuff tendonitis

What are the symptoms of rotator cuff tendonitis

There are a number of different symptoms of tendonitis the onset can be both slow but is often sudden.
  • 1. Pain is the most obvious symptom and is generally located on the top and in the front of the shoulder, occasionally at the side also. The pain is often worse with any overhead activity or during exercise.

  • 2. Weakness is a major symptom, you simply wont have the same shoulder strength and certainly not in pushing or overhead activities.

  • 3. Occasionally there can be a popping or cracking sensation in the shoulder; more likely if there is a related bursitis.

  • 4. You may find you simply can not sleep on the affected shoulder.

  • 5. Some people report a hot or burning sensation in the shoulder.

Diagnosis of rotator cuff tendonitis

A doctor should be able to make the diagnosis by discussing your symptoms and examining you. They will need to ask a range of questions to establish when the problems started, if there was a specific incident, what the pain is like, what makes it better / worse and what range of mobility you have in the shoulder.

An examination should normally be conducted that involves testing your full range of motion and when pain is felt. Typically the painful arc test will be performed i.e. lifting the arm up and away from the body to measure when pain is felt - generally in the region of 70 - 120 degrees. There are however too many different tests to name them all.

Finally it may be suggested that you have more detailed test such as ultrasound or a rotator cuff mri scan, more detail on this in the rotator cuff mri section.

Tendonitis and the most common rotator cuff treatment

This is it, it is simple but effective. There is no other way forward.
  • 1. Stop what you are doing! If it causes tendonitis and pain simply stop doing it. Give things a chance to settle and heal

  • 2. R.I.C.E - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation a proven formula

  • 3. Painkillers and anti inflammatory medication

  • 4. Take action to strengthen your rotator cuff

  • 5. Slowly ease back into action.

Rotator cuff tendonitis - the prognosis

If rotator cuff tendonitis is treated quickly and effectively there can be complete recovery. Left untreated however the condition can worsen and become chronic and may lead to other complicating conditions such as frozen shoulder.

If you are suffering now or have suffered in the past follow the advice, do the rehab and therapy exercises. Give yourself the very best chance - you deserve it!

There are two resources that I highly recommend to learn more about this subject matter.  These are one of a kind and the best ones I have come across in over 25 years of studying this subject matter.  They are:

The Athlet's Shoulder - A book you will find in every orthopaedic department's library and on the bookshelf of all healthcare providers with a serious interest in the shoulder, and

The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Rotator Cuff Injury - A book that will blow you away with its depth, quality of information and subject coverage.


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