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Rotator cuff symptoms vary not only because of the variety of conditions that can effect the rotator cuff; but also, as I have said before, because we are all different.

In the section headed "Rotator cuff tear symptoms" I discussed the major symptoms specific to a tendon tear. In this section I want to talk about some of the other less common symptoms associated with a rotator cuff tear.

I also want to detail some of the other rotator cuff symptoms you are likely to develop with other rotator cuff conditions. There are a range of rotator cuff injury symptoms that we can suffer dependant upon what is causing your rotator cuff problem.

rotator cuff shoulder pain
You will see however that a lot of the actual symptoms are very much the same.

Most rotator cuff injury symptoms result in pain and weakness affecting the shoulder.

Similarly the best natural methods using rotator cuff injury exercises are not used exclusively for torn rotator cuff treatment but can also be applied to other rotator cuff injury symptoms.

Pain is, for example, a major rotator cuff tear symptom that can be improved by rotator cuff injury exercises.

Pain is also one of the main rotator cuff injury symptoms associated with, for example, rotator cuff bursitis that can also be significantly improved by the correct use of rotator cuff injury exercises.

Any rotator cuff injury exercises that increase the strength of the rotator cuff muscles and tendons will undoubtedly improve your symptoms. Not only that but a failure to act and not do any rotator cuff injury exercises will eventually result in the condition getting worse. The shoulder is a complicated joint it needs looking after.

Other rotator cuff tear symptom

rotator cuff pain

Apart from pain and weakness what else can you expect to experience as a rotator cuff tear symptom?
  • 1. Stiffness - Stiffness is part of any joint injury. As a rotator cuff tear symptom it is the muscles way of preventing any painful movement.

  • 2. Inflammation - Generally around the Rotator Cuff or near a bone spur on your shoulder blade

  • 3. Disturbed sleep - sleeping on the affected area can cause pain and constant waking

  • 4. Atrophy - A thinning or wasting of the muscles - it hurts, you don't want to use the muscles so they get weaker.

  • 5. Crepitus - A crackling or catching or clicking sensation when the arm is moved, especially lowered.

  • 6. Shrugging of shoulders - Often people with a bad tear of the supraspinatus tendon shrug there shoulder during activity that requires the arm to be lifted

  • 7. Progression - The condition is likely to get worse if not tackled. Rotator cuff injury exercises are the best way to improve any rotator cuff symptoms.

Rotator cuff symptoms associated with other conditions

There are many different rotator cuff symptoms associated with the range of other conditions affecting the rotator cuff muscles.

More specific information can be found in the sections dealing with problems such as bursitis and tendinopathy. It is fair to say however that they all include an element of pain and weakness.

Similarly they are all improved with rotator cuff injury exercises. Unless you have a complete rupture of the rotator cuff that has completely detached your rotator cuff symptoms can be improved. So what else might you encounter?

A reliable sign of impingement, a major cause of rotator cuff tears, is a sharp pain when trying to reach into your back pocket.

With Rotator cuff bursitis pain is felt in the upper shoulder or upper third of the arm and may radiate as far as the elbow. The ache will often originate from deep inside the shoulder; this is often accompanied by a burning sensation around the whole joint.

Tendonitis of the rotator cuff has remarkably similar symptoms. Pain, weakness, popping and cracking, broken sleep patterns and a burning sensation in the shoulder.

In this section I hope I have given you a full picture of the range of rotator cuff symptoms. I have highlighted symptoms that are associated with the most common rotator cuff conditions.

Don't forget however that not everyone will suffer the same symptoms - you are, after all, unique.

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