Rotator Cuff Therapy Exercises

Rotator Cuff Therapy Exercises

Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery Time

Rotator cuff surgery recovery time is one of those subjects that I get asked about all the time. It's only natural that after rotator cuff surgery you want to return to a normal life as soon as possible.

Surgery recovery time is at least six months, you have to be patient. This is not a quick fix. In this section I want to give you an explanation and an understanding of your recovery time.

Obviously we are all different and will have had slightly different procedures carried out in slightly different ways. It is important to remember however that no matter what was done it takes the body the same time to heal. Some heal quicker than others but there really isn't much difference.

Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery TimeThe simplest, most effective way to reduce your rotator cuff surgery recovery time is through rotator cuff surgery rehab.

No matter what rotator cuff tear surgical treatment you have had, you can directly influence your recovery.

Rotator cuff therapy after rotator cuff surgery is crucial in speeding up your rotator cuff surgery recovery time.

More importantly this is aimed at ensuring your surgery is a success.

One of the main reasons for surgery failure is poor adherence to rehabilitation programs.

After rotator cuff surgery you will be expected to carry out, with guidance from a physio or your doctor, a program of rotator cuff therapy. There are a number of different reasons for this but mainly it is to prevent the formation of scar tissue and stiffness.

Rotator cuff surgery recovery time is slow and probably not helped by poor blood flow through the tendons. Rotator cuff surgery rehab is designed to help regain flexibility and strength in the injured shoulder.

As I said you should be guided through this process by a physio or physical therapist. You should be given a series of exercises that you can do safely at home. Safely is a key word; anything you are given to do must avoid re-injuring the newly repaired rotator cuff.

There is a basic timeline that can be applied to almost all cases. This is described in detail the section headed "rotator cuff surgery recovery". Rotator cuff surgery recovery time however is not an exact science.

It is important to remember you are an individual and that this is no more than a guide. Some will take longer and some will be quicker; it is not a race, get there safely and steadily working within your own limitations. This is the best guarantee of long term success.

When To Return To Work?

As with most things this is entirely dependant upon the individual. If you have a sedentary job that requires little use of the affected shoulder then possibly as early as four to six weeks.

Others with much more physical and demanding jobs must wait as long as six months. It is possible that you may have to find a new line of work as a result some rotator cuff tear surgical treatment.

What about sports after rotator cuff surgery?

Rotator cuff surgery recovery time as I have already said can be a slow process. Often it is our favourite pastimes that cause the problem in the first place.

Patience is the key, no matter what your chosen sport, you must let the repair heal properly. Again everyone is different so this is just a rough guide so you know what to expect.

Cardiovascular activities that work the heart and lungs without straining the injured shoulder are beneficial. Such activities include walking and bicycling and should be undertaken in addition to specific rotator cuff therapy.

Walking can be started almost immediately after surgery, cycling may be best on a static exercise bile, falling off doesn't bear thinking about!

Three months after surgery you can probably start running again. It is also possible to begin swimming, ask your doctor for advice before you "take the plunge".

Don't just "dive in" however, (sorry about the jokes, but I wanted to emphasise the point) start slowly and avoid the crawl initially; since it puts strain on the injured shoulder.

The golfers amongst you should wait at least four to six months after rotator cuff surgery before resuming play. When you do finally return to the fairways, start slowly, with putting and chipping.

As rotator cuff therapy progresses and the shoulder becomes stronger, you can start to hit soft iron shots. Driving from the tee requires an absolute minimum of six months and probably something more like nine to twelve months.

Anything that requires overhead use of the shoulder such as tennis, softball, throwing sports, cricket and weight lifting will require the longest period of rotator cuff surgery rehab. Almost certainly for these types of activity a break of approaching twelve months will be the norm. Consider sitting out things such as soccer, hockey and skiing a fall could have catastrophic consequences.

There is really no point in having any rotator cuff tear surgical treatment, not doing the rotator cuff therapy or trying to rush your surgery recovery time.

If you do the rotator cuff surgery rehab you will recover faster and stronger, be patient, be sensible, work hard and good luck.

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