Do you have rotator cuff pain or a rotator cuff injury?

Do you want to cure it naturally using only rotator cuff exercises?

Read about valuable information about your rotator cuff injury and pain that would cost you thousands if you were to consult doctors, physical therapists and other medical professionals . . .

Have You Ever...
Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Suffered rotator cuff pain?

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Torn rotator cuff tendons or muscles?

Rotator Cuff Therapy Exercises  

Had any form of rotator cuff injury?

Rotator Cuff Therapy Exercises  

Had or been advised to have rotator cuff surgery?

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Been told you need to do rotator cuff exercises?

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Tried and not succeeded with rotator cuff exercises in the past?

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Been dismissed by a doctor when reporting shoulder pain?

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Been diagnosed with rotator cuff tendonitis?

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Been unable to sleep because of the pain in your shoulder?

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Had to give up the things you love because of your rotator cuff?

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Just wanted the pain to end?

If you said YES to any of the above questions YOU MUST READ THIS CAREFULLY!

I am Steve Kaiser and I have been through a lot with my rotator cuff problems.

I have compiled my years of experience and knowledge into a book which will teach you, in simple straightforward steps, how to cure your rotator cuff pain.

It will show you the rotator cuff exercises that you can use to quickly and naturally heal your rotator cuff injury. More than that, it is a COMPLETE rotator cuff reference guide.

This process has worked for me AND MANY MANY OTHERS

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Get Your Rotator Cuff Healing Guide Now

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Rotator Cuff Natural Healing Guide

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Rotator Cuff Natural Healing Guide

I was a rotator cuff victim for over 10 years. I have had two rotator cuff operations, spent 10 years in pain and missed out on all of my favourite sports throughout my twenties. I finally found the answer to all my problems over 10 years ago. Since then I have dedicated my time to bringing you the best rotator cuff exercises. My sole aim is that you do not have to go through what I went through.

I am not a doctor. In my experience that is probably a good thing. Why? Well it's simply because most doctors are not too great at diagnosing specific rotator cuff problems. If they are, they are certainly not great at recommending treatment options. "Rest it", "take a few painkillers", "take some drugs" blah, blah, blah . . . . .

They do not have the time to work through the treatment options even if they fully understood them.

As you can imagine, I have been through quite a bit in the last twenty years. There is not much that I have not experienced and I definitely have learned a great deal from my own experiences and those of countless people I have met and helped along the way.

Throughout the last ten years, I have sought advice from experts all around the world. I have listened to the stories of hundreds of people just like you. I want to use the knowledge I have gained, in seeking my own answers, to help you end your rotator cuff pain.

I remember suddenly realising what was missing; the one thing common to all stories was nothing more than a lack of quality information. My book Natural Rotator Cuff Healing is the result of that "realisation" and all that research. It is a complete rotator cuff reference book, stuffed full of rotator cuff exercises anyone can do.

I have put together this comprehensive guide in a way that is easily understood. It explains all about the rotator cuff, different types of rotator cuff injury. Sections on rotator cuff surgery and masses of information on rotator cuff exercises and stretches. There are also explanations of how and why rotator cuff exercises work.

I Know What I am Talking About

To give you a bit more comfort that the Natural Rotator Cuff Healing is not written by a high school graduate who works at the McDonald's down the street, I graduated from a top University in the U.K. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree, successfully completed a PhD and hold several certifications in my chosen career field.

So, although I am not a doctor, I believe I have enough letters to back me up! I have also been fortunate because I have had regular access to patients suffering with rotator cuff pain. I have had an opportunity to listen to their stories and believe me I hear the same horror stories over and over again. Thankfully I have been able to use my experiences and guide them towards a natural remedy.

I will show you through Natural Rotator Cuff Healing just how to use rotator cuff exercises to end your rotator cuff pain forever. This can be done at home with no specialist equipment. Like I said above, this system has not only kept me strong for 10 years, I have now used it to help so many others.

Ever suffered a Rotator Cuff Injury?

Ever had a torn rotator cuff muscle? Ever had a rotator cuff pain? Ever been to the doctors or the hospital and been sent away to "let it settle down"?

What about if you can't sleep at night because the pain is so bad, ever had that? Then dealing with a disturbed husband / wife / partner - it's not good!!!

These are just some of the most common aspects of rotator cuff problems that are frequently mishandled by so called professionals:

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Pain Management

Rotator Cuff Therapy  


Rotator Cuff Therapy  


Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Torn rotator cuff muscles

Rotator Cuff Therapy  


Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Recommending surgery – surgeons are just too damn keen to operate!!

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Providing accurate information

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Exercise advice

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Often recommending the most expensive option

Rotator Cuff Therapy  


Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Offering natural alternatives

I am sure you are just sick of the lack of honest and open information available. It is not just you! I am talking about hundreds of thousands of people in pain. So many people left frustrated with absolutely no guidance and all searching for simple straightforward answers. Sound familiar?

The book "Natural Rotator Cuff Healing" has one sole purpose. That is to guide and help rotator cuff sufferers deal with, not only, their rotator cuff pain but provide all the information you could need.

Thankfully I am seeing more and more people taking action to naturally heal their rotator cuff injury with the help of my book. I am constantly receiving positive feedback from readers who used rotator cuff exercises successfully. I am absolutely delighted to receive this feedback, it really does make it all worth while.

Why Do I Care?

So, why do I care? Because I have been there and I want to help others who are going through what I had to go through. So called professionals have been getting away with doing way too little for way too long. I genuinely believe they want to help but do not have the time or the detailed knowledge to do so effectively.

I speak to so many people who have been left confused by a diagnosis or a recommended treatment. No one takes the time to ensure people understand fully what is being explained. This is simply unacceptable.

As a result, I often meet people months and years later who have been made worse and not better. Even those who are given good rotator cuff exercises to do are often not supported sufficiently. Without help, support and guidance I have seen so many just give up. I do not want to see that happen, to anyone, ever again.

Do You Have Rotator Cuff Pain?

If you have rotator cuff pain, weakness or a known rotator cuff injury have you been told to do rotator cuff exercises? Has it even been suggested as a possible treatment option?

I bet you haven't! Guess what, in over 70% of cases I would win that bet . . . . . 70%!! Want to know what the worst thing is? Of the other 30%, to whom it may have been mentioned, the guidance and information provided is completely inadequate.

Have you simply given up? Do you just live with it? Do you find other ways to do things? Do you avoid certain tasks? Have you given up on swimming, tennis, decorating, picking up the grandchildren?! If that is the case you are most definitely not alone!

We have all done this at times as often there seems to be no alternative. If I could show you a way to relieve the symptoms of your rotator cuff injury just by using rotator cuff exercises would you be interested? Would you try it today if you could?

Unfortunately Not Everyone is Treated Equally & Fairly

Whether it's a lack of access to medical professionals, the cost of surgery, the cost of physiotherapy or just getting the wrong advice . . . . . Why does it have to be you?

Not everyone is treated fairly all the time. As unfortunate as it sounds, we are dealing with a lot of human interaction and involvement. And each time you have humans involved, you face judgment calls, potential prejudice of any sort, financial restraints etc. etc. etc . . . . Armed with this information it will NOT be YOU!!

I Will Specifically Tell You...

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

How to choose your doctor

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

What questions to ask your doctor

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

The symptoms you should be looking out for

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

What to expect from a consultation and examination

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

What other techniques are available to make an accurate diagnosis

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

What to avoid

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Which rotator cuff exercises to do and how

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

Which rotator cuff stretches to do and how

Rotator Cuff Therapy  

How to successfully use rotator cuff exercises restore your health

There is a lot of misleading information out there today. Add to that the wide spread unawareness about the methods to follow and you can see why there is so much confusion.

You will learn exactly how to Naturally Heal your Rotator Cuff and restore your shoulder strength and stability!

Like I said, this process has worked for me AND HUNDREDS of others just like YOU

Why Did I Write This Book?

Because there wasn't one when I needed it most! I learned everything the hard way and it took me a long time. There is simply a lot of demand for this information as so many people are looking for practical easy to follow guidance. Learn from my mistakes and experiences.

For the vast majority of people suffering with rotator cuff pain the corrective action is often very simple. Take care of your shoulder with simple straightforward rotator cuff exercises.

I have met so many people over the years, people just like you that are just absolutely frustrated with the level of care they have received. This book is my effort to address those shortcomings. Because of that I have priced this book reasonably to make it affordable to everyone.

The proceeds are mainly to support the cost of this website development, the server space I rent, the domain name and the few dollars I spend maintaining it and bringing awareness to it.

If I can continue to reach people just like you, if I can continue to educate, if I can continue to inform, if I can continue to challenge the professionals to improve and if I can help just a few along the way then it will have been worthwhile. Those are the reasons I wrote this book.

Just read some of the testimonials rotator cuff sufferers have given this book!

“I have been failed so many times by doctors. Thanks to your book I finally took some action, used the exercises you recommended, undertook my own rotator cuff exercises and I am now stronger than I have been in years."

That was sent to me by Jenny from North Carolina

"I had no idea about the importance of exercise and stretching. I had been told to rest my shoulder and apply some heat. I was getting worse not better. I definitely recommend your book to anyone who has a rotator cuff problem".

And that was sent by Mary Ann from Wisconsin

"The pain was so bad at times I just couldn't sleep. Steve, I tell you this was affecting my work, my moods and my marriage. I began to feel results real quickly when I started doing some of the simple light exercises you showed me. I know I have a way to go but I know I am going to get there."

This was from Gregg in Georgia

"It's amazing how ill informed my doctor is. I have been going to him with this for a good few months and he knew I had a problem with the shoulder and suspected tendonitis but just told me to take pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs. He was going to give me an injection. I mentioned your book and he just said "well it can't hurt" Now I am steadily getting stronger and have much more movement in my shoulder. Thank you for putting this much needed book together."

This was from Mary in New York

"I never imagined in my dreams that I would be taking up rotator cuff exercises. I am 73 and have been avoiding exercise for more years than I care to remember. Guess what? I am hooked! I really enjoy it the exercises are easy to do and I am having some fun. I feel great!".

From Brian in London, England

"I highly recommend Natural Rotator Cuff Healing to anyone affected by rotator cuff pain. It is not just about the rotator cuff exercises it is the whole package".

This was from Ted in Ontario

I will show you how to both simply and safely start to naturally heal your rotator cuff pain. Everyone can benefit, even if your rotator cuff injury happened last week, last year or many years ago. I can still make a real difference to you!

What would it mean to you if you could be pain free, regain strength, regain shoulder mobility and do it yourself naturally?

I will teach you how to Naturally heal your rotator cuff pain!

How can you put a price tag on all that?

"You can't! This guide contains invaluable information!

It would cost you a ton of time, money and frustration to gain this knowledge on your own.

Order Now and get your copy for ONLY $19.99!

Rotator Cuff Natural Healing Guide

Rotator Cuff Natural Healing Guide

The demand has been overwhelming and I can guarantee you that the price will increase in the future.

Rotator Cuff Natural Healing Guide Rotator Cuff Natural Healing Guide Rotator Cuff Natural Healing Guide

Natural Rotator Cuff Healing 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I am so confident in my "Natural Rotator Cuff Healing" book that I am offering a no questions asked 60 day solid money back guarantee. The only question I will ask you is how I can improve my system to make it more beneficial to you. And you don't even have to tell me if you don't want to. But it would be nice :- )

You will not need this guarantee. I have yet to have anyone come back and say they didn't like the information I provided to them. And I doubt you will be the first one. This system works and works very well.

If you don't believe me, just try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose.

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1) Rotator cuff exercises DOs and DON'Ts - A simple straightforward guide to keep you safe and on course.

2) Warm up and Cool down - An essential guide to warming up and cooling down before and after exercise.

FREE Subsequent Editions of Natural Rotator Cuff Healing

I am constantly learning, researching and upgrading the material in the book. As knowledge of rotator cuff pain, rotator cuff exercises, rotator cuff surgery change so will the content of Natural Rotator Cuff Healing. Please contact me at any time subsequent to your purchase and I will send you the latest version of the book for free.

Don't let your rotator cuff pain rule your life! Do not let the "experts" get away with the way you are treated.

You have a chance to improve your own life; even if rotator cuff injury was a result of an event in the past. You can control your own future, STARTING TODAY!

Get your "Natural Rotator Cuff Healing" copy today and TAKE ACTION. It has worked for me and countless others over and over again.

There is absolutely no risk to you. I am backing up this guide with a no questions asked 60 day solid money back guarantee.

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Rotator Cuff Natural Healing Guide

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Rotator Cuff Natural Healing Guide

Rotator Cuff Natural Healing Guide

Good luck & all the best to you,


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